Highlighting Labor's waste, inefficiency and mismanagement.

Ending more of Labor’s waste

Media Release from Jamie Briggs:

A Coalition Government, if elected, will crack down on Labor’s addiction to waste by auditing increasingly ridiculous research grants and reprioritising funding through the Australian Research Council (ARC) to deliver funds to where they’re really needed.  

Some of the grants issued by the ARC in recent years have been, frankly, completely over the top. 

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Henbury sale highlights multi-million dollar Labor waste

Media Release from Senator Simon Birmingham:

Labor’s wasteful spending of taxpayers’ money is further highlighted by the sale of a Northern Territory property once intended for a carbon farming demonstration project, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment Simon Birmingham said today. 

The location of the planned but ill-defined Henbury Conservation Project – Henbury Station – is reportedly being placed on the market this week, less than two months after a parent company went into receivership. 

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Coalition will end Labor’s wasteful ways

Media Release from Jamie Briggs:

A Coalition Government, if elected, will end the wasteful spending that has become a cornerstone of the Rudd/Gillard Labor Government.   

If elected, the Coalition will stop the $900 stimulus cheques which Labor continue to send out five years after the height of the global financial crisis.   

We will deliver fast affordable broadband at less cost to taxpayers than Labor’s expensive and way behind schedule NBN.   

We will also end Labor’s border protection cost blow outs, which have now reached $11.5 billion, by implementing proven policies to stop the boats.   

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Rudd disowns gift that keeps giving

Media Release from Jamie Briggs :

The Rudd Government is in denial over revelations $900 stimulus cheques are still being issued, four years after the global financial crisis. 

The Prime Minister today claimed no new stimulus cheques had been signed, and those issued were “some leftovers from way back in the past”. 

But the Australian Tax Office was still issuing $900 cheques just months ago. 

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Newspaper ads a message to the Australian people – not people smugglers

Media Release from Jamie Briggs:

Today’s full page newspaper ads spruiking Kevin Rudd’s latest boats policy is a blatant waste of taxpayers’ money.  

These full page ads are not sending a message to the people smugglers, the only message they are sending is a political one to the Australian people.  And it is paid by taxpayers.   

How do full page newspaper ads in Australian newspapers stop people getting on boats in Indonesia?  

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Rudd’s carbon tax con costs families $3,000

Media Release from Greg Hunt:

Kevin Rudd’s Carbon Tax will cost the average household more than $3,000 over the six years from mid-2014.

Labor’s claims that Australian households will be better off under their proposed one year variation of the Carbon Tax are completely false and misleading.

Calling it a fixed or floating price, Australian households will continue to pay higher electricity and gas prices every year. The Carbon Tax will still be charged on those essential services.

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